Whether you’re painting the interior or exterior of your home, the new paint job brings new life to your home and adds a fresh, different vibe. But perhaps the most enjoyable part about painting is choosing the perfect colour that goes great with your furniture or pairs well with your landscape. But have you ever considered how the colours you choose reflect your personality? The colours you opted for say more about you than you probably think. Whether you’ve chosen pale blue or burnt orange, you probably didn’t give much thought to how your chosen colour affects your mood and reflects your personality.


Blue, the world’s favourite colour, represents tranquility, calm and security. If you’ve chosen blue, you likely have a soft, soothing, and compassionate demeanour. You probably view your home as a calming oasis, a place where you can relax after a long, stressful day. Choosing blue as your wall colour may also mean that you’re an introvert and prefer staying inside to take in the calming effect of the cool shade.

If you chose a lighter blue, it reflects your preference for a clean, clear, open, and expansive space. A deeper blue shows that you prefer the shades that resemble the colour of midnight – quiet, peaceful, and thoughtful.


Red is a powerful colour that represents the body and affects us physically; it stimulates us and even raises the pulse rate. If your wall colour is red, then it’s likely that you’re passionate and driven. You probably hate the monotony of everyday life and love to embrace change. You’re probably also outgoing, vigorous, and maybe even a little aggressive. The intensity of your room likely reflects your fiery personality. Your red paint shows that you have a zest for life!


If you’ve chosen purple as your paint colour, then you probably have a creative streak. You’re also outgoing, confident, and adventurous. Purple is the colour of royalty and glamour. This means that you probably have a strong taste for the finer things in life. If your wall colour is purple, you’re likely sensitive and sentimental. You also have a strong desire to be unique and different. You are likely unconventional in your home decorating endeavours.


If you like a green wall paint colour, then you’re likely a down-to-earth person. Green symbolizes harmony as it is an equalizer between cool and warm tones. Gravitating towards the earthy colour shows that you like to maintain a peaceful balance within your work, home, and life. You probably enjoy helping others and giving them useful advice. Because peace is a key factor in your life, you like to come home after a long day and relax with a nice book or calming yoga session.


In a psychological sense, yellow is considered to be the strongest colour. If you gravitate towards a yellow wall paint colour, then you’re likely a high-energy type of person. That’s because yellow is a bright, energizing colour. It’s also luminous and warm, and so are the people who prefer it. Yellow lovers enjoy innovation and originality as well. The vibrant colour has the ability to uplift and stimulate, just like those who choose the colour for their wall paint.

If you like the colour yellow, then you’re probably extroverted and lively, which makes it easy for people to gravitate towards you. Yellow is a welcoming colour and the fact that you’re drawn to it shows that you are always open and friendly to people.

What paint colour speaks to you the most? Not sure? Let us help you to find a paint colour that reflects your personality and looks great. Contact us for an interior or exterior painting quote today.