Refinishing your cabinets can be a more affordable, time efficient, and sustainable way to refresh your kitchen also a chance to avoid renovations. With a certificate in industrial wood finishings from UBC, Point West Painting is confident in providing this specific service to their community.

01 – Decide on Finish

Whether you have solid wood cabinets or solid color on your cabinets the first step is to envision the outcome you would like. We can help you choose the right colors and sheen for your cabinets.

02 – Prepwork + Protect

We start by removing all doors and drawer fronts and hardwear, marking every piece of hardware so it goes back exactly where it belongs. We know how expensive cabinets are and cover everything so paint only goes where it belongs. When refinishing cabinets we build an indoor spray booth and install an industrial extraction fan with a filter to remove the VOC’s from your home.

03 – Prepare Surfaces

All of your cabinets, doors, and drawer fronts are washed with a degreaser to ensure all surfaces are clean. Next we sand all of the surfaces and clean them with compressed air and tack cloth.

04 – Painting

Once the cabinets are prepared, we will spray on a quick dry Vinyl Sealer using our Air Assisted Airless Sprayer. Next we fill cracks with Automotive Bondo and sand again before applying the 2nd coat of Vinyl Sealer. Now the cabinets are ready to be sprayed with 2 coats of conversion varnish with sanding in between each coat.

05 – Note on VOCs

The Vinyl Sealer and Conversion Varnish are extremely high in VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and are necessary for the longevity of the finish. We recommend leaving your home during this portion of the job and for some time after.

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