We are proud to offer cabinet refinishing as one of our professional services. Refinishing cabinets is a tedious job that requires a lot of attention to detail from start to finish in order to achieve a professional look. Here is a brief description of our process and a timeline to expect.

We start by removing all doors and drawer fronts and taking them to our shop to be refinished. We mark each piece of hardware so it goes back exactly where it was originally. At this time we primarily focus on refinishing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts at our shop, to ensure they have enough dry time before transportation and installation. Once the doors are finished we will return to your house/job site to begin the same process with the boxes and gable ends in the kitchen. We prep the entire kitchen by covering everything that’s not being sprayed to create a spray booth.
We wash, sand, prep, spray prime, and spray paint 2 coats on everything with an HVLP Spryer. We sand in between each coat to create a smooth (like glass) finish. The cleaning can increase the price depending on how dirty things are. So if you have some free time it’s always a good idea to try to clean your kitchen as much as possible yourself. We use an oil-based sealer/ prime to prime all of the cabinets. This product is high in VOC and is necessary for the longevity of the finish. We recommend leaving your home during this portion of the job and for some time after (1 full business day). We bring an extractor fan to your home during this process to help move the VOCs out of your home quickly.
We use Cloverdale Paint’s product called Renaissance (melamine finish) for the topcoats. This product is designed specifically for this application and is used on new cabinets from the factory. This product will give your cabinets a professional/factory-finished look. The product takes about 7 days to cure to a resilient finish and takes about 1 month to cure completely. We keep the doors at the shop for 2 weeks to cure in order to be resilient enough to transport and install without damaging the finish. Once the kitchen is finished we bring the doors back and reinstall them with all of the hardware returning to its exact place. The entire process is a minimum of 2 business weeks (10 days) from start to completion but can increase depending on the size of the kitchen.
We offer warranties on all our services.

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