The exterior colour of a home is something that is both highly impactful and often overlooked when renovation time comes around. But we’ve all experienced that awe and perhaps a touch of the house-envy driving by a truly beautiful and colour-contrasting home. What most homeowners don’t realize is just how much the appearance of your house can be transformed just by changing the colour of your home exterior and trim.

Whether you’re personalizing a home you have just bought or are looking to boost the price of a home on the market, choosing the right exterior colour scheme for a sale is an essential step. Below we highlight the top six colour schemes that are turning homes into the envy of the neighbourhood and enticing buyers like hummingbirds to a sugar-water feeder.

Storm Gray

Pale colours are often in fashion but storm gray has always had a special impact and gives a home a sense of formal gravity. Combined with highly contrasting white and accenting charcoal trim, storm gray homes are a beautiful addition to any neighbourhood and can make a house pop in contrast with a beautiful clear blue sky. Buyers have a hard time ignoring a freshly painted storm gray home, especially for 2-3 stories of dark gray beauty.

Sable / Desert Beige

Sable is a colour we rarely consider except in home exteriors. It is a warm rich brown that makes a home seem both welcoming and well cared for without overpowering other homes in the neighbourhood. The particular shade of sable sometimes referred to as desert beige is a surprisingly strong colour in the neutral category and looks beautiful with contrasting dark or light trim of almost any colour. Sable is a wonderful way to highlight a lovely roof colour and make your trim pop while ensuring the home, all together, makes a real curb appeal impression.

Cypress Green / Moss Green

If you’re looking for a natural hue, a dusty green known as cypress green or moss green may be your most peaceful and elegant choice for home exterior paint. Bright or dark green homes tend to stick out like a sore thumb, but a dusty green can make a home feel more like a cozy cottage or an arboreal paradise instead. Green pairs beautifully with the subtle contrast of reddish browns and makes a crisp white trim really pop.

Nautical Blue

For homeowners looking for a darker colour or a high-contrast design, a dark nautical blue is an impactful and elegant choice. Naturally, nautical blue gives the impression of a formal coastal home whether or not you are near seaside or lake. Nautical blue is one of the darkest possible neutral colours, softened by a grayish hue that prevents the blue from being too vivid on your block. If your home stands alone, however, you might choose a more purely blue shade that will stand out on any hilltop or make a home surrounded by trees stand handsomely out from the scenery.

Soft Lemon

Soft lemon is one of the most welcoming shades on the colour wheel for your home exterior. It is best used to contrast with a darker or more crowded surrounding, making a home feel like a gently shining oasis of family and relaxation. A soft lemon home looks wonderful with a sable roof and white trim, while also giving you creative license to personalize the trim colour as this gentle yellow looks good with a wide variety of other hues. Soft lemon is wonderful for a home nestled among trees and can really make your house stand out in a neighborhood packed with other homes of darker neutral tones.

Lighthouse Red / Smokey Red

Last but certainly not least is lighthouse red, which many will see as a smoky red or the red of a traditional farmhouse and barn. If you love that rich ruby hue slightly softened by dusky gray tones, you will love the way that lighthouse red makes your home a vivid and visible point in the neighbourhood. Lighthouse red is wonderful for rural homes while providing excellent neighbourhood contrast in the suburbs. Like stormy gray, lighthouse red looks best with crisp white trim and charcoal roof and accents.

Are you thinking about repainting the exterior of your home? Whether you are seeking the warm welcoming shades of sable or lemon or would rather a more formal and impactful impression of storm gray or nautical blue, we have just the team for the job. Contact us today for expert exterior painting services to make your home really pop to personalize for your family or fly off the market.