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Why Hire a Professional Painter?

In order to try and save money, you may be tempted to tackle your paint job yourself. However, this could end up being much more trouble than it’s worth! Take a read through to consider why it could be a good idea to hire a professional painter.

Preparation and clean up: When it comes to painting, there is a great deal of surface preparation. Most exterior painting starts with a lot of scraping and sanding, as well as replacing missing caulk and rotted wood. Preparation is key to a great paint job! That’s why our painters are knowledgeable and trained to prep by looking out for these items. In addition, when you hire a professional, you save yourself the trouble of cleaning up after the job is done. Plus, pro painters know the proper (environmentally-friendly) way to dispose of paint!

Attention to detail: With a professional painter at your service, the results of the painting job is near perfection because professionals are known to pay attention to details. At Point West Painting, we will make sure that we meet all your demands while paying attention to the small details that you may overlook. Let our professionals do their amazing job and deliver a stunning product that you can be proud of for years to come!

Experienced & efficient: If you are thinking of doing a large scale paint job in a specific amount of time, timing can be a major factor. If you have a full time job, using your precious spare time to paint may take quite a few weeks. Professional contractors make a living out of painting. They are more experienced and know about techniques that help improve the outcome and efficiency. They can also dedicate full days to the work at hand which would make work quicker than you could have managed. Painting contractors can efficiently handle your painting job while saving you the time and effort.

Well-equipped: A large project can often require the use of specialized painting equipment. You might be handy with a brush or roller, but what if the job requires use of a power sander, pressure washer, and/or airless paint sprayer? Are you prepared to spend time learning how to use the equipment? Are you willing to spend the money it will require to rent or purchase them? Once you purchase everything you need, you’ll realize that you could have spent less money by hiring a professional who already has all the right tools.

To summarize: your space will look beautiful with less stress!

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