Log Home Refinishing

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Log homes are one of our specialities, and we’re proud to offer full refinishing services. Because of our experience working in this specialized area, we understand which products to use. If your log home has sun damage, and requires refinishing, you can rest assured knowing that nothing but the best is being used on the exterior!

A log or wood home is a true investment, and here at Point West Painting, we understand the pride of this ownership. Because of this understanding, we ensure that all products used on your home are both environmentally friendly and effective.

log cabin refinishing

Our stain is a family recipe that includes linseed oil, turpentine, pine tar, and/or beeswax. It has been developed to be completely sustainable, low-impact, weather resistant, extremely cost efficient and can be made to suit a variety of colours. This stain was developed and mastered by the company owner’s father, Norm West. Norm is the owner & sole operator of Spirit Of The West Log Furniture, an earth friendly artist creating one-of-a-kind pieces of hand-made furniture using no nails or screws.

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